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Horses are worked 5 days per week, All feed is inclusive. Handling fee's apply for vet, farrier, chiro etc. Horses are housed in either 50 x 25m day paddocks (3 strand electric fencing with Equi Tape) or Horse Rail covered Yards. All horses are provided with ample access to hay & fresh clean drinking water.



Take your riding to the next level

Training the rider is as important as training the horse. We offer individualized riding programs depending on your personal goals and experience level. Steph has many years coaching experience and has a real knack for taking people out of their comfort zone, but in a way that keeps them confident and pushing for more. Whether you are aiming to go to your first reining show, looking to execute a calm balanced dressage test or want to feel more confident on the trail, Steph has the tools to get you there.
1 Hour Private Session $77 inc GST



The greatest gift you can give a horse is an education

Our training programs aim to keep the horse enthusiastic about his work and not dampen their willingness to try. Each horse is looked at as an individual with their own set of requirements. We incorporate a mixture of ground work, arena work and outside miles.
Minimum 2 week program $440 inc GST per week



Give your horse the right start

Giving your horse a great start under saddle is imperative to a successful career as a ridden horse. We do not over complicate the starting process, the horse is given the basic tools that will enable him to go forward in any discipline confidently and calmly. A mixture of ground work, arena work, outside bush & road riding as well as tackling different obstacles.

Included in this is 2 lessons prior to the horse leaving, and 2 free lessons once the horse has returned home (to be conducted at Lancefield Bloodstock). Additional lessons can be purchased.

Minimum 6 week program $440 inc GST per week 



So you've sent your horse for some training, now its your turn!

Having your horse in training with a professional can really enhance the horse, but what happens when you get home and you are holding the reins? We offer an onsite partnership training program that ties in perfectly after an initial training program has been completed. The owner can attend the property as often as possible (closed Sunday's), will receive three lessons per week and basically have an overseer watching them working with their horse. This enables you the freedom to begin working your horse again on your own, but also having back up there should things not go to plan. Giving the rider the right tools to get the best out of their partnership.
Minimum 2 week program $660 inc GST per week

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